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March 6, 2011
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'Cause I'd go crazy if I can't get next to you...


"________, wake up..."

"Hunh?" you mumbled lazily.

"It's me, Ryuzaki."



Oh, right. You were at an empty classroom with Ryuzaki at Toudai University. You fell asleep and thanks to him, or else, you will have to stay overnight. It was already 7:00 PM, mind you.

"Get up, please. Let's go home."


He pulled you out of your seat and dragged you out of the school. A few moments later, his driver arrived.

"Go inside."

"Huh? No, Ryuzaki. I'm just going to commute."


Before you could even reply, he pushed you inside the car and seated next to you. The car moved away from Toudai after Ryuzaki locked the side door.



"Where do you live?"

"Ah, in an apartment, Tokyo Downtown."

"Does your family lives with you?"

"Umm, no. They're currently living at Europe, since my dad works there."

"They didn't consider you?"

"No!" you nearly yelled at him. He stared at you with amusement.

"I-I mean, it is my own decision. I wanted to stay here, since I'm already in college."

Silence followed. You turned your head to look outside because you didn't want Ryuzaki to see you blush. Shame is starting to eat you when he spoke.

"Then I'm inviting you in my house."

You nearly jumped off your seat. "Y-Your's?"

He nodded as reply.


"What? Do you have any plans for tonight?"


"Then it's settled."

You didn't answer. You admit that you have a crush on Ryuzaki-kun, but it's a bit unusual that you're going to spend the night with him.

The car stopped in front of Tokyo's exclusive hotel. Then you thought that Ryuzaki lives in one of the hotel rooms. His driver parked the car and entered the hotel. The two of you followed him inside, but Ryuzaki stopped in front of the counter. He booked another room and grabbed the key.

"_______, is it okay if you wait for a while? I just wanna make sure that they won't mess up the informations I left."

"They who?"

"I'll just explain later." he said while heading towards the elevator.

Both of you remained quiet until you reached the room Ryuzaki booked. He opened the door and you followed. Pointing to the sofa, he said.

"Please have a seat, _______."

You nodded and sat. "Ryuzaki-kun."

"Don't worry, I'll try my best to return beforehand." With that, he left.

You saw a bunch of files on a coffee table. You picked up one and opened it.

The Kira Investigation: Leads.

"What the heck?" you mumbled. Why does Ryuzaki possess this kind of confidential information?

Before you could flip the page, Ryuzaki opened the door. You gave him a confused look and closed the folder.


"Ryuzaki-kun, why do you have this kind of file?"

He smiled and sat in front of you.



"Can you keep a secret?"

"Of course."

He move closer to you and whispered.

"I am L."


Ryuzaki pulled you and closed your loud mouth with a kiss. He quickly parted while leaving you in the state of shock.

"Please keep your voice down."

"I'm sorry."

He explained everything, detail by detail. You just nodded in understanding.


10:48 PM

Only you and Ryuzaki are inside the room. He asked you to review the files and of course, you agreed to do so.

Your eyes are shutting down because of the boring and uninteresting paragraphs. Then you remembered what Ryuzaki has told you earlier.

"I am L." you mumbled.



"Are you sleepy already?"

You smiled. "I'm fine."

"I guess you're not. I'm sorry if I forced you to do such work."

"Ryuzaki-kun, I'm fine. Besides, it's an honor to help the world's greatest detective."

He smiled at you and grabbed your hand.

"________, it's absolutely not a good idea to act like you're fine." He laid you down in the bed and stayed at your side.


"I'm going to observe you. Don't worry."


"Just relax, _________."



"Thank you so much."

"No problem."

You closed your eyes and held Ryuzaki's warm hand. A few moments later, you felt a kiss in your forehead and you heard him whispered his good night.


You woke up in the middle of the night. Peeking at your wristwatch, it was almost 2:00 AM. Then it hit you. You're still in the hotel room with Ryuzaki.

You quickly fixed yourself and moved out of the bed room. There you saw him staring at the computer monitor. He lifted his sight on to you and grinned.

"It's already 2:00, Ryuzaki-kun, and you still haven't gotten any sleep!"

"I'm fine, ______."

"Now you're lying!"

"Am not."

You stomped childishly and dragged him in the bed, forcing him to sleep. But even after you pushed him down, he just stared at you.

"Ryuzaki-kun! We have to attend classes! Get some sleep or I'm going to knock you out!"

"I told you I'm fine."

"No, you're not!"

You continued to make him sleep, but after a while, he answered.

"Okay, I will sleep, but you should sleep with me."


"You heard me."

Now, he's the one who forces you to sleep. You squirmed because of the pain of his grip on your waist.

"Ryuzaki!" you yelled as you slap his arm.

He laughed and let go. You pouted your lips and slumped in the bed.

"Okay, I will." you said and closed your eyes.

Slowly, you felt his arms wrapped around you and your head rest in his chest. Your senses are getting inactive as you hear Ryuzaki mumbled.

"I like you, _______..."


Everything went smoothly. Such moments with Ryuzaki drove you crazy in love. Yes, love. Until one day, a letter from your parents frenzied you.

They said you would be leaving Japan and they will fetch you. You're going to live with them in Europe

"N-No..." you said after reading the letter.

"W-what about Ryuzaki? I... I' love with him...H-how should I tell him? Oh, what the heck?!" you said to yourself while you sat down at your sofa.

Days passed, and you started to avoid him. When he passes by you, you'll just turn your head and he will stare at you. Those silent and voiceless moments break your heart.

One afternoon, while you're in the locker room, Ryuzaki embraced you tightly from your back. You nearly screamed because you were frightened of his sudden action.


"Why are you avoiding me? Please tell me the reason, _______."

"I-I can't-t..."

He started to nibble your ear and nuzzle your neck.

"Tell me the motive why are you staying away from me, ______."

His voice melted your heart slowly. "I'm..."

You huffed because tears are persisting to burst.

"I'm going to Europe, Ryuzaki..."


Five years later...

"________! Dinner's ready!" your mom called from the kitchen.

"Alright!" you yelled back as you rush downstairs.

It's been a long time after you and Ryuzaki parted. You missed him badly because of your feeling towards him. You have already graduated from college and currently working in a restaurant as a chef.

Before you could even enter the dining room, the door bell rang. "I'll get it!" You said loudly.

You opened the door quickly, only to find out who it was.

A guy with tangled black hair and bags under his eyes, standing like he was carrying something heavy on his back. He looked familiar from somewhere until you heard his smooth voice.

"Hi, _______."

Your eyes widened.



Your heart raced in panic. Hesitating, you pulled the door wide open for him.

"Mom! My co-worker's here! I'll just eat dinner later!"

You heard your mom answered, but it's unclear due to your lack of concentration. You dragged Ryuzaki up to your room and securely locked the door. He slouched at your bed and smiled at you.

"It's been a long time, _________."

You sat beside him and took a deep breath. "Yeah. I...missed you, you know."

"I know."

Surprised by his answer, you lifted your sight and glanced at him.

"You know?"

"Yeah." He cuddled you softly. "Because I missed you too."

You hugged him back and laid your head. " know...I"

Those words are only whispered, since you don't want him to hear it.

"I love you too."

You pushed him, shocked by what he said.

"You heard me?!!!"

"Of course."

Still confused, you shyly bend down your head. "Heh." you mumbled.



"Please give me..."

"Give you what?"

He bent down in front of you and lifted your chin.

"Your answer."

"A-are you asking a q-question?"

"Will you marry me?"

Your face turned red like an apple. His question might be really short, but it posses a wonderful meaning.

"Please give me your answer, ________."

No turning back! It's a now-or-never decision! Your mind shouted.

"Yes, Ryuzaki. I love you and I am willing to marry you!"

Hearing your answer, he smiled and gave you a sweet kiss that was engraved in your heart. After that long romantic act, he parted and whispered.

"You know, I went crazy after I cannot find you next to me, _______."

You smiled and held him into your arms.

"Me too, Ryuzaki. I love you that much."

L Lawliet One-shotby nanallysakii

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / Teen / Short Stories©2011-2014 nanallysakii
:iconbummiesplz: Another one-shot for our beloved L!~~ :iconbummiesplz:

This one was originally written in Quizilla and to fill it up, just fill the blanks with your fan girly names~~

:iconflowerdanceplz: Reviews please, and my soul will do a flower dance!~ :iconflowerdanceplz:

EDIT: Comparing this to my Sweetheart: L one shot, I can't believe that this story got more favorites and views than the other~ :iconexcitedblushplz: Thank you very much for those who commented and favorite this story! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reply personally everyone, since every time I hit reply button, there's an error pop up always showing. :iconcomebackplz:

DRD will be finally happy at me!~ :icononionyayplz:
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